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5 Habits That Are Deteriorating Your Health

Written by S.O.

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 7:30 am

bad habits

It is never too late to correct bad habits. Our lifestyles are a sum total of our everyday small habits. Learn to recognize these bad habits and work on getting rid of them. These five unhealthiest habits are affecting you negatively:

1. Eating too much fast food

Fast food might seem satisfying in the moment when you are too rushed or exhausted to cook food at home. Grabbing a quick bite to eat is a very convenient option. But in the long run, high consumption of fast food will lead to serious health issues, such as heart problems, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, to name a few. The high fat and sodium content in fast food are the reason for the increased rates of obesity in the developed world. Kick this habit as soon as possible, your future self will thank you.

2. Stressing out about little things

Constant worrying about little things will turn you into a perpetual worry machine. It will cause your anxiety levels to rise, as a torrent of stress hormones floods the body. Stress will affect your immune system and vital organs. Try meditation and therapy if you find yourself worrying frequently.

3. Skipping breakfast

Skipping the morning meal will cause your energy levels to plummet during the day. You will feel less productive and fatigued as the day goes by. You will create a cycle of starve-overindulge in your eating pattern. The healthiest thing for your body is to have a low fat, fiber rich breakfast every day.

4. Drinking too much alcohol

If you tend to overindulge in alcohol frequently you can be causing harm to your body. Alcohol will increase your risk of liver cancer, high blood pressure, and depression. The physical and mental toll of alcoholism is heavy and must be avoided, drinking in moderation is the key. If moderation is not possible than try curbing the habit altogether.

5. Smoking

This is the worst habit to have. Smoking is basically breathing in toxic, cancer-causing chemicals into your lungs. Smokers are at an increased risk for lung cancer, heart diseases and other cancers. Almost 80% to 90% of lung cancer cases can be traced back to smoking. A smoker will face heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. Quitting can reverse the damage or at least significantly lower the chances of suffering.

If you are in the habit of doing any of these activities, it is best to quit now and take a step towards wellness and happy living. Replace these bad habits with good ones and you will feel a marked improvement in health and fitness.

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