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3 Ways To Manage Your Child's Health in The Technology Era

Written by S.O.

Posted on February 14, 2015 at 10:02 pm

For all parents, keeping tabs on the health of their children should be a top priority, and in our technology-saturated world, there are a variety of ways to leverage the internet, mobile devices, and sheer connectivity to help!

This is the age when we have more information available to us – more conveniently – than any other time in human history, and yet, the sheer volumes can also be a distraction, or can make finding the right information a challenge. This is compounded with our increasingly busy lifestyles, actually making it more difficult for us to keep up with the information we really should be consuming.

So, with that in mind, here are three ways you can utilize technology to not only keep track of your child’s health, but also help you (and your kids) make informed decisions.

1. Monitoring Apps

If you’re willing to put in some basic data, there’s a whole range of applications for your smartphone and/or tablet that can help monitor various health-related topics.

For nutrition, applications like Fooducate allow you to use your smartphone’s barcode scanner to bring up more detailed nutritional information than what’s available on the label. The app will also list calories, track food intake, and suggest healthier alternatives. While not specifically designed for kids, you can use this information to help make decisions about the food you give them, and keep track of your own eating habits too!

A similar application, Shopwell, helps you make a shopping list based on the nutritional information you provide. You could use this app specifically for your child’s nutritional needs to make sure you’re covering your bases and getting the foods they need to stay healthy.

Beyond nutrition, there are other “monitoring” technologies that can help you keep tabs on your child’s health, including Headache Diary for tracking chronic headaches, UHear and EyeXam for hearing and vision screening tests, Glooko and other similar apps for diabetes management, and more…

2. Education

Beyond tracking and assistance apps, there’s a whole world of educational material available, from online resources like the CDC and WHO websites to applications designed just for kids!

Senda and the Glutton Dragon is a story-like application that teaches young children the importance of eating their vegetables, as well as the value of friendship. A Heart Pumping Adventure teaches kids about the circulatory system and the importance of heart health. Smash Your Food is an iPad app that teaches youngsters about the ingredients in their food, how much oil and sugar their favorite foods contain, and helps develop real-life skills like reading nutrition labels – all through a fun, interactive game! FitnessKids is another iPad specific app that teaches the value of exercise and offers a variety of fun activities.

Beyond these kid-facing apps, the internet is ripe with educational opportunities for you and your little ones. Whether it’s looking up activity ideas, finding healthy recipes your kids will enjoy, or just educating yourself about healthy lifestyle choices that affect your whole family, modern technology provides a nearly endless supply of resources for keeping you and your kids in good health!

3. Telemedicine

This is perhaps the newest angle of technology-meets-health. Modern advances in Wi-Fi and data networks are allowing people to have higher speed connections in even more places. That means that people, even in remote locations, have even more opportunities to consult with real health professionals when the need arises.

Through apps like DocChat, people can connect with knowledgeable medical experts from the comfort of their homes, and get some baseline advice before they make a trip to the hospital or make an appointment with their primary care provider.

For people with young children, this can mean avoiding hassle (and downright discomfort) of carting a sick child to the doctor’s office, only to find out there’s not much to be done, or scheduling an appointment and having to wait to get an initial diagnosis.

When you have kids who aren’t feeling well, you want to do everything you can to make sure they’re as comfortable as can be, and do whatever you can to get them on the path of getting better as soon as possible. The technological marvel of accessing a doctor remotely allows you to do just that – seek medical attention without disrupting your child’s rest or forcing them out of the house. After an online “doctor’s appointment” (which can, by the way, fill prescriptions), you can reassess the situation to see if in-person medical care is needed.

Technology has changed so many areas of our daily lives, and provided access to more information than we can fathom. With the right guidance, though, this wealth of information can be a powerful tool in maintaining your own health, and ensuring the health of your children. Use it to your advantage!


Talk to a board certified doctor
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