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16 Wellness Tips For 2016 — Part 2

Written by S.O.

Posted on January 26, 2016 at 1:44 am

2016 beach boost

If the first 8 tips were not enough, we’re back with more! Presenting the second half of our 16 wellness tips for 2016. If you missed the first half, you can check it out right here.


9. Fun & New

Taking up a hobby or learning a new craft will give you something to do when you’re all caught up on your favorite TV shows. Between food blogs, Pinterest, and recipe videos on YouTube, anyone can easily take up cooking or baking. Coloring books for adults have recently gained popularity for being therapeutic and nostalgic.  If that’s not your thing, beginner-level home improvement projects will give you a sense of accomplishment (and something to show your friends and family).

10. Use Your Apps

Do you ever have to pause and ask yourself, “What day is it?” Modern smart phones come standard with a calendar and alarm clock that you can even set days ahead of time. Setting an alarm with a reminder about 45 minutes before an upcoming meeting or coffee date is a great way to ensure you make it on time. The app stores have an entire category dedicated to productivity, so pick and choose the ones that apply most to your schedule!

11. Explore Your Own Backyard

Trekking across the globe is no doubt fun, but it can also be expensive and tiresome. Taking a brief 45-minute drive outside of your hometown can make for a lovely day trip, or go an hour or so further for a little weekend getaway. You may find a new favorite café or restaurant you’d like to visit again. If you live or work in a city, a sweet little hotel hidden in the forest can be refreshing.  Short trips like these are manageable and go a long way to both de-stress and satiate your wanderlust.

12. Stretch For Success

Stretching is underrated when it comes to bodily health and maintenance. Doing certain daily stretches can tone muscles and reduce pain in problem areas. According to Dr. Steve Weston of the International Chiropractors Association, “The benefits of stretching include improved circulation, increased flexibility, increased range of motion, decreased tension, increased relaxation, stress relief, and enhanced performance, function, and coordination”.

13. Create Something

Making something with your own two hands can be such a cathartic experience. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, keep in mind that it’s about self-expression. Artistic endeavors like photography, drawing and painting are worth a try. Things like scrapbooking, photoshop or digital collage, or revamping home decor also make for great creative outlets. If you need ideas, go to Pinterest and search for “DIY” – the opportunities for creativity are boundless!

14. Boost Your Endorphins

Everyone should already know, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” But there are other ways to boost this valuable brain chemical. Physical contact including hugs, cuddling, and having sex all increase endorphin production.  Eating chocolate or even some of your favorite food can have a similar effect.

15. Shut Up & Dance

If going to the club is your thing, more power to you! (Just don’t be a wallflower.) However, you don’t need an audience to move your feet and shake your hips. From salsa to belly dancing to shuffling, put on your favorite dance music playlist and let it move you. Dancing is especially beneficial for those with joint problems who can’t endure high-impact exercise. (Plus, you may pick up a move or two to show off in the future!)

16. Get Out

Want an excuse to get out of the house? Challenge yourself with something like hiking or indoor rock climbing.  Join a club  or class that piques your interest such as basketball, wine drinking, or wheel-throwing/ceramics. Alternatively, you can find a local meet up for yoga in the park, football, play dates for your pets and children, shopping, or just about anything.

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