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15 Benefits of Telemedicine

Written by S.O.

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 7:23 pm

“Telemedicine is changing the healthcare landscape and redefining the meaning of a Doctor’s ‘Office’ visit.”

-Dr. Steve Okhravi, MD, MBA, CPE (Co-founder of DocChat)

What is Telemedicine?

According to Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary, telemedicine is “the practice of medicine when the doctor and patient are widely separated using two-way voice and visual communication (as by satellite, computer, or closed-circuit television).” But it is really so much more than a definition can encapsulate. Telemedicine essentially streamlines doctor-patient communications, patient medical records, distance medical training, and medical resource sharing effectively and conveniently. It improves many of the facets of our troubled healthcare delivery system.

A Surplus of Advantages 

  1. According to the Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center and Healthline, here are just 15 of the many benefits of telemedicine include:
  2. Allowing rural or immobile patients to stay put and still see a doctor or specialist without a long commute or hassle
  3. Allowing specialists and other healthcare professionals to communicate and connect effectively
  4. Enabling continued medical teaching from universities to students away on placements or to rural physicians
  5. Allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated much earlier than traveling to doctors or waiting for distant appointments
  6. Providing disease management to chronically ill patients, reducing repeat ER visits
  7. Providing invaluable conveniences to busy patients, like missed work, lower costs, less commuting, no childcare arrangements
  8. Saving lives and enabling informed healthcare decisions, promoting less medical errors performed in the haste of overcrowded ER environments
  9. Delivering more cost-efficient healthcare
  10. Encouraging senior wellness with preventative care, onsite monitoring and avoidance of unnecessary, dangerous trips to the ER
  11. Improving administrative effectiveness
  12. Enabling easy sharing of medical records, information, and diagnostic results between medical professionals
  13. Providing online peer discussion groups and support groups for patients with serious illnesses
  14. Allowing busy physicians to partake in medical training, webinars and updating without leaving their office
  15. Helping remote establishments and groups receive necessary care, such as penitentiaries and military bases
  16. Supplementing hospital environments by providing more effective triage and alternative care for non-critical patients

Really, Why Not?

Given the many advantages and the fact that 78% of doctors visits can be handled via telemedicine, it is puzzling why we aren’t utilizing this golden medical tool more extensively.  Wouldn’t you rather have access to a physician in the comfort of your own home instead of dragging your sick self or loved one around the city in search of care? With DocChat, this valuable resource is now available in the palm of your hard, anywhere in the country at anytime during the day or night, every day of the year.

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Talk to a board certified doctor
just in few minutes!

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