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11 Ways to Keep Your Calorie Count Down Over The Holidays

Written by Courteney

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 3:20 pm

The holidays are a time of overstimulation, overexcitement and overindulgence, but here are a few little tricks that may help you slash some of those extra holiday calories so your pants still fit come the new year:

  1. Hold the extras – drowning your meal in gravy, adding too much dressing or being heavy-handed with condiments can sometimes double your calorie intake for a meal! So be mindful of using extras sparingly.
  2. Don’t deprive yourself – Have a holiday truffle, but don’t have ten! Indulge in a treat at the first house you visit, but try to resist one at every stop during a day of visiting.
  3. Precook and freeze meals – During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is more temping to drive-thru more often than usual because you’re too tired to cook after a day of visiting or holiday preparation. Try to resist this urge by thawing out some leftovers from the freezer or whipping up a quick salad.
  4. A healthier spread – Try putting out healthier snacks for company like veggies and dip, or low sugar cookies so its not a big deal if you sample a couple throughout the day.
  5. Wait to lay it out – Hold back all snacks and spreads until your company arrives so you’re not tempted to pick.
  6. Think before you reach – Keep an eye on those sneaky holiday carbs. It is easy to lose count of things like that unnecessary slice of homemade bread you have with each meal, or handful of pretzels before supper. Try to keep tabs on all snacks so you avoid mindlessly eating.
  7. Water is your friend – Load up on a large pre-meal glass of water so you’re stomach is already filled a little before big holiday suppers.
  8. Choose low-cal cocktails – If you’re having a night of holiday drinks, choose low-cal, low-sugar options like vodka and tonic or light beer.
  9. Tell them, “No thanks!” – Tell your family you don’t want chocolate or holiday candies as gifts or stocking stuffers this year so you’re not left with a bunch of junk food to eat when the holidays are over.
  10. Set a “no seconds” rule – Once you take your plate of food, have a personal rule that you won’t go back for more.
  11. Beware of double dessert – it is so common during the holidays for the hostess to bring out a cake after dinner, then a plate of cookies after that and maybe even offer candy later on. If you indulge in dessert, pick one of these options instead of having one of each dessert.


So, there you have some helpful hints in case you’re concerned about piling on holiday pounds! Also, be sure to get out for beautiful wintery walks between all the festivities to burn off some of those extra holiday calories! Thanks for visiting DocChat! We hope you’ll be back again soon.



Talk to a board certified doctor
just in few minutes!

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