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10 Health-Related Numbers You Should Know

Written by Courteney

Posted on February 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm

We live in a world of constant information streaming. We see hundreds of facts, suggestions, tips and ideas daily; it can be hard to know how much of it to take to heart. Well, the following list of health guidelines would be a good start. Let’s check them out:

  1. 200 mg/dL – Is the ideal total blood cholesterol level (or lower) for adults. Your LDL (bad) cholesterol level alone should be less than 100 mg/dL.
  2. 35 inches – is the largest a woman’s waist size should be in order to keep her risk of heart attack or other life-threatening diseases down. A man’s waist size should be under 40 inches in order for him to avoid weight-related illnesses like heart disease.
  3. 7-9 hours – is the ideal amount of sleep we should be getting per night, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
  4. 150 minutes – Is the amount of cardiovascular exercise adults should undergo weekly to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes. This number does not factor in strength training, which should also be completed several times weekly.
  5. 420 minutes – Is the amount of exercise children should get weekly. Growing children need more exercise. The CDC recommends 60 minutes of daily exercise for children and teenagers.
  6. 56 grams – Is the amount of protein the average (sedentary) man should consume daily. Women should aim for about 46 grams.
  7. 6-10 – Is the average number of colds children get each year. It is important to instill good hygiene habits and in your child and teach them prevention tips so they can avoid colds easier at school.
  8. 84.3 years – is the average life expectancy for a man. A woman’s life expectancy is 86.6. In order to live up to (or exceed!) these impressive numbers, be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise!
  9. 50 million – Is the approximate number of Americans living with allergies. (If you’re one of those 50 million, check out our tips on allergy-proofing your home to get some relief)!
  10. 10 hours and 39 minutes – Is the average amount of time Americans spends looking at screens daily, according to a recent in-depth study. The American Academy of Pediatricians (APP) recently put forth a recommendation of less than 2 hours of daily screen time for children over 2 years of age and adults alike. While many of us won’t cut down that much, we have to admit, over 10 hours daily is certainly an excessive amount of time to be glued to screens and newsfeeds instead of doing more productive activities!

    There you have our top 10 health-related numbers you should be aware of! Thanks for visiting DocChat, stay happy and healthy!

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